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Pastrami or Corned Beef for a Reuben?!

We didn't think there would be so many dilemmas in starting to share our Sammiches with the world.  We've spent a lot of time asking Sammiche lovers - What is your favourite sandwich? 

Many a time, we are told of the epic "Reuben" sandwich quaffed in New York on a trip of a lifetime.  The toast crisp and the filling juicy with perfect flavours and the Russian dressing running down their wrists and puddling on the plate ready to be mopped up with a couple of fries pinched from your companions serve. 

These stories were very inspiring, however, we've been presented with a dilemma.  Should our version of the Reuben Sandwich be made with our slow cooked corned beef or with our home cured pastrami? 

Everyone had eaten one or more versions of the Reuben including one made with Turkey Pastrami!

Our slow cooked corned beef brings the flavours of Nanna's corned beef boiled on point for hours - the vinegar, the brown sugar, the bay leaves, the cloves, yet our more relaxed a low temperature slow cooked corned beef as a zesty secret ingredient! 

Zesty finger lime, is a fruit with huge nutritional punch! A traditional food source for Australia's first nation people for thousands of years, finger lime also has medicinal purposes. Any feelings of low mood will surely lift when you taste one of our corned beef offerings.

So what about our pastrami? It is rotated in brine for 88 hours then cooked and cared for long and slow for 12 hours.  We think you'll give our pastrami 100% for effort and hopefully flavour too!

While pastrami is synonymous with New York,  this cured, smoked, and spiced beef was an innovation of Romanian immigrants who came to the United States in the late 19th century.

The recipe had migrated to Eastern Europe along the spice route after the preserving process was developed by the Ottoman Turks  who dried and salt-cured meat as a way to preserve it, then rubbed it with spices.  The distinctive flavours of pastrami are smoke, spicy black pepper, and the sweet citrus tang of coriander.

To keep the recipe evolving, we've added a touch of Australian Native Mountain Pepperberry - ground, the berries are sweet and fruity at first with a lingering peppery aftertaste.

We are still undecided what our "Ruby" should be - corned beef or pastrami. You'll need to taste the difference and let us know your preference!

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